One of the longest-running cycling coaching companies in South Africa, we’ve been coaching long enough to know that the work we do with our athletes really does have an effect. Being realistic about athlete goals is a great platform from which to work from, creating a trustworthy and communicative relationship.

The core of our business is to help create a balance between training and life. We gather information and analyse different types of data in order to create sustainable training loads so our athletes are able to achieve their training targets. We concentrate on keeping consistent, yet progressive methods of training. It’s pointless expecting an athlete to manage a training load above their means.

At DCS we work on the principle of Making Each Ride Count. In a nutshell this means we want to be honest with our athletes, understand their needs, steer them towards their goals, but not at the expense of family, school or career.

We use a good recipe: an athlete, a bike, a bit of science and a generous sprinkling of the art of cycling coaching! All DCS cycle coaches are UCI qualified and affiliated with CSA.  We are accountable for the work we do with each individual athlete. We choose honest time frames and solutions over the quick fixes and generic cycling training plans.

We then go beyond just the program, and deliver an informative and integrated solutions to learn the wonderful sport of cycling. Our aim is that all the hard work makes good sense both now and well into the future.

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