We are almost asked on a daily basis for skills training.  As such, there are unfortunately only so many weekends in a month and a year and we also need to see to our valuable family time.  Therefore it has been very difficult to set up these dates.

We’ve been promising to set this up for the past 3 months, so here are some ways to work around time constraints:

Get together a group of same-level riders and book group sessions – maximum 5 riders

  • Cost for the group per session:
    • 1-3 riders – R900 (so get 3 friends together and it’s only R300/person!)
    • 4 riders – R1100
    • 5 riders – R1200

E-mail to make a booking

Skill sessions are also more useful when a rider books a series of 2 sessions, within a reasonably short space of time.