DCS Stage Race Training Flexi Timers


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DCS Stage Race Training program:  Flexible hours

  • This training plan is aimed at riders who want to embark on more focused training in the last 4 – 6 months before an event.  It is an indication of the estimated effort of training required to finish a multi-day stage race in a strong position.
  • It includes event specific training levels and intervals.
  • The training plan consists of various preparation phases including:  Endurance, Power and Endurance, Increasing Speed and Race Tapering.
  • The longest week during the Endurance phase will not be more than 20hrs.
  • This training plan is aimed at the more serious rider who has flexible training hours throughout the week.
  • Level of fitness required: Should easily be able to manage +-12hrs/week of varying intensities
  • Equipment required: Weekend sessions are intended for outdoor riding while most weekday sessions are adjustable for both outdoor and indoor riding
  • Suggested for months: October/November/December to March or 4-6 months before the start of a major stage race