KZN Mountain Biking invited us to to the amazing Cascades MTB Skills Park, created by Olympic course designer and builder, Nick Floros, to present a 2 day skills course for kids.  Wow, what an innovative and creative way to teach mountain bike still!

On the morning of Sat, 24 Feb 2018, we worked with a group of 16 kids between the ages of 9 and 13, then in the afternoon, we worked with a group of 8 kids, slightly older and more experienced.

It’s crucial to be sure of your groups of riders, in order to get the balance of teaching and learning perfect!  Each group is vastly different and if you’re teaching kids something they already know, it ain’t going to be fun.  On the flip-side, if you’re teaching anyone something above their level of ability, they may be put off the whole learning experience!

We love to ensure that all our riders can do the REAL basics, before we move on to more advanced skills such as drop offs, jumping etc.  Over the past years of trying to teach people to tackle switch-backs, as an example, we have found they have zero balance skill, body position awareness, cornering technique, braking control and correct pedal stroke . . . . makes one think . . .  We have also found, that if you cannot bunny hop correctly (actually with flat pedals) then don’t attempt to learn how to jump a gap jump – you don’t have the correct technique and if your jump goes wrong, inevitably you won’t be able to correct and land it (take off is voluntary, landing is compulsory 🙂  )

We designed a course that was not just learning, but fun too, in the form of games – even adults love playing games – loads of laughter, as well as incorporating a team element too, in the team pursuit!

For more pics and videos of some of our activities and games, check out our FB page

A big thanks to Dellah Paul, who is just so pro-active and so willing to help – not only the riders, but the sport, as a whole!  Thanks again Dellah and we hope to visit Cascades Park again in the near future!