Rotational Adjustment Device (RAD)


The RAD system has revolutionized cleat alignment and positioning. It is a unique device that allow cleats to be positioned in alignment with the rider’s natural gait thereby minimizing power loss and the risk of injury.

Athletes and coaches are regularly faced with the daily challenge of cleat positioning: How to align the cleat with the unique and natural rotational centre of the leg? Without perfect alignment, injury from rotational sheer forces would be inevitable.

DCS added the RAD to part of our comprehensive bike fit offering in 2007. The effectiveness of this tool has been insurmountable and is recommended for all serious athletes who spend more than a few hours per week on their bikes. The RAD minimizes the risk of injury through rotational stress and definitely improves power transfer and comfort with each pedal stroke.

Pedal float was introduced as a partial “one-size-fits-all” injury prevention solution. “Float” is the amount of angular rotation offered by a cleat before release from the pedal begins. Most pedal manufacturers allow for between 3-6 degrees of float as a safety precaution against rotation-induced stresses to the ankle, knee and hip. While offering partial solution, float compromises the stability of the foot-pedal interface and directness of power transfer.


  • Making use of RAD service is at athlete’s own risk
  • If your cycling shoes are old it is possible that cleat screws may become stripped – RAD operators will have stock of new shoe plates and screws, but this will be for athlete’s own account, should a bolt or plate become stripped
  • It is better to make use of this service with new shoes and cleats
  • Shoes and cleats should be in good condition to ensure accurate setting
  • The road Time cleats are made of a soft plastic compound and these have been successful in positioning as they keep shifting when pedaling
  • Small modifications to soles of mountain bike shoes may have to be made ie. cutting small pieces away should the need arise for correct positioning of cleat into RAD
  • Should an athlete damage the RAD equipment, specifically the needles on each side, athlete will be held responsible for repair costs (R400/needle)
  • Permissible cleats:
    • All mountain bike cleats and shoes (provided shoe plate is not bent)
    • Look (black and red)
    • Time (old) road
    • Shimano road

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