Computrainer Spin Scan


Further to an above comment regarding injuries, the most common aches and pains cyclist experience sore lower back, sore neck, sore knees or ITB issues. 9 times out of 10 we see a really inefficient pedal stroke. Imagine: if you’re only using 50 % of your pedal stroke, just how much faster you would go if you were able to use 70 % of your pedal stroke.

The Computrainer Spin Scan has been a wonderful tool to show athletes this concept in a VERY tangible and visual manner. It explicitly illustrates the athlete while they’re pedalling exactly what their pedal stroke consists of. With the use of diagrams, a higher usage of different cycling muscle groups is then incorporated so that sudden improvements are seen. Be warned: this does take conditioning to achieve more fully, however, armed with this knowledge, you’re better off re-programming that pedal stroke!