Fit Your Bike


Bicycles these days are serious machines. They’re made of space age materials forged and welded together using new processes that were the stuff of dreams 20 years ago. Today, they’re often designed on computers, precisely manufactured by robots and measured to exacting tolerances.

But all this doesn’t make them perfect for you. You see, you’re unique. An individual with a combination of arm length and leg length and sitbone width and foot size that’s only found on you. So to ensure you fit your bike prefectly, you’re going to need what robots and computers and large bicycle companies can’t give you: the human touch.

There’s all sorts of things to consider to make your bike suit you and nesure you’re perfrctly comfortable on it. From where your cleats are positioned to how high (or low) you saddle needs to sit, give the DCS experts a call today and turn that engineering masterpiece you’re going to ride into the sublime wonder you’ll never want to stop riding.

In this section, you’ll find out how we do:

Bike setup

Cleat Adjustment

Spin Scanning