We were invited back to Namibia again and this time, we planned it during the June/July holidays, so that we could take a long road trip up to Windhoek.  Our first stop was with Rock and Rut MTB Club.  Big thanks to Michael Lowe.  Michael, so passionate about doing he can for the club!

Our program was jam-packed:  the first 3 days (Fri, Sat and Sun) were reserved for Rock and Rut members.  We re-ran the skills session we did with them in 2017.  We found that skills level had lifted.  ALL the kids that were there, came back in 2018 – and more!  We tested out the Schools MTB Skills protocol whereby we set out a specific standard skills course.  Riders had to complete the course, against time.  They were scored on their total time, as well as whether they incurred any penalties from knocked over cones etc.

The next 2 mornings (Mon and Tues), were reserved for small group or private sessions for club and outside riders (adults) and in the afternoons, 2 sessions for kids – mostly non-club members.


Legend Mannie Heymans is so actively involved in his sport!  Do yourself a huge favour:  when you’re in Windhoek, pop in to Mannie’s Bike Mecca!  Unbelievable!  Thanks for all you do for your local community Mannie and most importantly, what you do for Sally Harper and the Kids on Bikes/BMX Namibia programs in, and around Windhoek!


Cycling is an amazing sport for ALL – social, it is!  So much common ground is available when we all rides bikes!  Kids get to just hang out, ride their bikes, breath in fresh, cold air, expend energy, get tired, re-goup and then go all over again!


The last session of each day was reserved for the “pros” – young talent.  And wow, were we kept on our toes!!  These sessions consisted mainly, of race tactics, race starts, drop-offs, jumps, off-camber descent, tricky cornering, pacing, stretching, functional core exercises and when/how to attack!  Needless to say, we were happy to head home after each day and enjoy a family supper.

Ha ha, hip, below is the temperature gauge in the car early morning . . .  – (minus) 6 degrees!  Just in case you were wondering!  I’m not sure one can feel the difference between – 2 deg and – 6 degrees!  The only tactic was to keep moving!!

The next 3 days were reserved for a 2-fold project:  to coach kids of the Kids on Bikes/BMX Namibia – the other part of this project was to impart some coaching ideas and skills, as well as to empower local community coaches of the Katatura (PAY and KAYEC), Okahandje and Gobabis BMX communities.  Coaches Laban and Batea were marvellous to work with and threw all they had at tackling the learning, as well as the coaching of the kids.




It was a huge challenge keeping so many kids busy on so few bikes.  But they loved watching the sessions and cheering their friends on!


A big thanks to Steffie Grossman for helping us with the coaching – your input and assistance was extremely appreciated!




What I can tell you is:  that it’s a huge privilege to do what we do!  We love every moment of it.  To impart knowledge and empower others to enrich those around them, is really something special!  Thank you for the opportunity NAMIBIA!

Love my girls!!  My “Taxis” 😉