You may have noticed that we’re not listed on ABSA Cape Epic’s website, with our popular generic training plans.  The reason for this is that the new owners have enlisted the help of one of their new partners.

We have been able to track the number of unique users of our programs over the past 6 years, we can see that 320 – 350 riders use our programs each year.  So, we have decided to offer them on our own platform.

What you will also find is our Multi-Day Stage Race Survival Manual, that we have developed and updated over the past 10 years.  Only our own athletes, and athletes who attend DCS Boot Camp have received this booklet in the past – now you can too!

Recently, we met with kidney specialist, Dr Geoff Bihl, and we have added the information he has passed on to use with regards to protecting your kidneys during the event.  In his own words, “The ABSA Cape Epic is THE most demanding events on the human body!”  Prepare well and ride very carefully.

Being properly prepared, correct training, experiencing other events and most importantly, attending our annual DCS Boot  Camp, will ensure that you WILL be successful in finishing your 2019 ABSA Cape Epic.

Go to this link to find your own choice of training plans – there’s even a specially designed plan for our Northern Hemisphere friends . . . . go ahead, get cracking with your training!  Yes, there is a small fee involved, but it will be worth it.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  For more info on our DCS Boot Camp, click here.  We have almost reached capacity.  Hurry!