Individual Coaching



At DCS (Daisyway Coaching Systems) we prescribe training that is pertinent to you and only you. We choose realistic time frames and honest solutions over the quick fixes and generic training plans. We do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all”, simply because no-one is the same. No-one has the same work schedule, the same fitness level or the same goals.

Whether you want to reach your personal best or simply change to a healthier lifestyle, we’re here to help all the way. We treat every athlete individually and the plan we design is specific to their goals and understanding.


New athletes first need to undergo a cycling assessment at a certified Sport InstitutionThis will include a cycling VO2max, Peak Power Output and Lactate Threshold Test. These results, together with the athletes’ current ability and fitness, goals and available time to train will then be used to set up a personalised training program and heart rate zones.


A year planner is set up so the “big picture” is always visible. We then look at time frames and what needs to be achieved and set up a plan that will build a rider up for a specific event(s). We also help in identifying a few smaller events to help with the build-up to main events.


Riders are required to have a good quality heart rate monitor (Polar, Garmin, Mobii, etc.) that is allows the downloading of data. Coaching is a two way street and it’s of utmost importance that we receive feedback from athletes on a weekly basis.

We follow the above system whether our athletes are far or nearby. We are available during office hours for questions, queries or change of plans. We all know that modern living has many challenges and our aim is to build your plan around you. And, like we said, to ensure that it works for you, we’ll also need you to take responsibility for your feedback. Send us adequate weekly feedback in the form of e-mail communication and downloaded HR files in order for us to monitor progress, ensure training is on track and also in the event of becoming fatigued and/or ill.


A 4 week training program is set up, according to how much time is available for training and is based on a realistic balance between work, family and living. This is updated every 4 weeks.  Increased incremental training is based on the feedback received each week from athletes.  Feedback is crucial to ensuring each individual athlete progresses at a rate they can handle.

Should a set-back occur (illness, business meeting, injury etc.) athletes are able to communicate with their coach and necessary changes are made.

Group Cycling


It matters to us what you do on your bike, how you pedal, how you climb, how you pace yourself and much more. If and where possible, initiated by our athletes, you are welcome to join us for training rides whenever possible.

We do event-specific training camps throughout the year and it is at these camps where we are able to really spend uninterrupted time with our athletes where the most value is gained on the bike.


We cannot stress this enough. To everyone we speak to. It’s essential that you are properly set up on your bicycle.

DCS offers a very in-depth and individual bike set-up, without mathematical formulas or laser beams. We prefer taking time and care in ensuring you’re perfectly suited to the bike you’ll be spending so much time on.

Our Rotational Adjustment Device (RAD) is our most useful tool for bike set-up. It helps us align each rider’s cleat position and rotation to suit individual pedal biomechanics.  The RAD:

  • Reduces risk of injury
  • Optimises power output
  • Optimises pedal stroke usage

We also make use of the CompuTrainer, which is used for both Spin Scan (measuring actual pedal stroke), as well as more frequent progress monitoring, by way of time trials.

Therefore we recommend that this will be one of your first appointments if you haven’t had this done already.


We have first hand experience and can give general advice on sports nutrition and hydration, but as we are not registered dieticians, we can gladly refer you to our preferred nutrition service providers if you require a detailed eating plan.

Our approach at DCS is unique. We get stuck in, personalising a plan centered on you and we’re always there to see you through. Because we know that the work we put in to support the effort you put in is the only way you’ll get to ride your best.