Certainly a highlight for DCS is our annual DCS Boot Camp, where we get to go through the motions of our athletes preparing for 2018 ABSA Cape Epic – we get out there, with them, on the bike, in the mountains, on the trails . . . lots of organising – especially to ensure the enjoyment and safety of our riders.

With a group of 50, we certainly had our hands full!

Day 1:

Robertson:  pretty much most of the route we raced on at Jave MTB event in Oct 2017.  Fun, but certainly not easy terrain with so much single track – not a moment where you can let your concentration go.  Very taxing with so many short ups and downs!  You’ll have to have your wits about you all day on this stage!

A big thanks to Neil and Phillip Retief of Vanloveren Wine Estate, who hosted us as our start/finish venue, routes and our lunch venue!

Lance and Spook conducted their famous Bush Mechanical workshop late afternoon too!

Day 2:

Beautiful Nuy Valley:  not to be under-estimated!  Although we didn’t do the BIG climb of the day – wanting to preserve some element of surprise, flatter routes can mostly be more tiring, due to more pedalling.  We were very luck on this day, as temperatures were way down and we even got a bit of rain to deal with.  Also a very good experience, as we always have this idyllic idea in our heads that weather will always be perfect during ABSA Cape Epic – not so!  Be prepared for anything!

A huge thanks to Louis, Lize and FC, of Boland Trail Systems, for all you have done for the trails in and around the Worcester valley, and helping us with our local guiding and back-up!  Without your help, we’d not have had such a smooth camp!!  Groot baie dankie!

Day 3:

Queen Stage (Slanghoek Valley):  Sjoe, be afraid!  Be very afraid of this stage, people!  The section from Goudini all the way to the end of the water point, there were sections that took us 40 mins to ride 1 km!  Get skilled up, guys and girls!  Your bike set up HAS to be perfect. Your pedal stroke has to be so efficient.  Your pacing has to be precise.  Your climbing and balancing skills have to be honed.  And of course, your descending skills need to be superlative!  Eisch!  (Have we scared you??  Good!  Now, get out there and go train – this stage is going to see the end for a lot of riders that are not properly prepared!)


Day 4:

Welvanpas:  just to get a good feeling of orientation, the type of terrain.  Again, a very hilly part of the ABSA Cape Epic – but loads of amazing single track where cornering is going to be your friend!!  Switch-backs galore!




A big thanks to:

  • Squirt Lube for giving us sample product to test on next year’s routes to help ensure that all the bikes on ABSA Cape Epic stay well lubed
  • Immediate Medical for “having our backs” and looking out for the safety of all of us
  • Doc Johan Louw – sitting out with an injury, but it was so amazing to have our own Boot Camp doctor on board!!
  • All the local land owners, some doing the event, joining us, testing your own routes
  • A privilege having Kati Csak (ACE Race Director) riding with us for 3 of the 4 days – seeing what and how we do things the DCS way, but also being able to ensure your routes for next year’s event are perfectly tough!