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Training Guidelines for the 2017 FNB Wines2Whales:




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Over the past 9 years (actually way longer ago than 9 years) we have seen just how important a proper bike set-up is and being able to input practically to riders from all levels of cycling. This remains one of the biggest factors linking comfort, performance and injury-prevention to the all-round enjoyment of the sport!

Everyone is built differently and has a different riding and pedaling style. In conjunction with the actual bike set up, the positioning of cleats for each persons different pedal action, rounds off the perfect pedal stroke. The differences have been amazing! Ranging from:

– no more sore knees

– no more sore back

– more power throughout pedal stroke

– better pedaling efficiency

– less injuries

Bike setup








Think about this:  if you are currently only using 50 % of your pedal stroke (and most of us are), and you could increase this to 60 % or 70 %, how much faster you would be riding?

To book a bike set up and/or pedal stroke analysis appointment (road and mtb), please call Spook on 083 60 11 22 1 or email him on spk@iafrica.com

BUT do not attempt to make any changes to your bike set up position the week prior to your race!!

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It’s been great partnering with you for this year’s FNB W2W! Feel free to email us info@daisyway.co.za if you have any questions.